Perpetual KYC

Perpetual KYC solved for your business.

Streamline ongoing KYC processes and reduce costs through valid8Me's end-to-end platform that revolutionises the traditional AML compliance process via our perpetual KYC solution.

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Perpetual KYC for your business.

valid8Me is the right balance of speed and fraud prevention ensuring you meet your AML compliance requirements by providing ongoing due diligence that aligns with the dynamic nature of regulatory requirements and client data.

Pertetual KYC

Ongoing Monitoring

Continuous monitoring of clients is an operational burden and one that can be significantly reduced by automating the process with our future-focused platform.

Risk Management and Compliance: Stay ahead of potential breaches with real-time monitoring and updates.

Improved Client Experience: Reduce friction in customer interactions with seamless, behind-the-scenes due diligence.

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Cost reduction
Pertetual KYC

Embracing Technology for AML Compliance.

Periodic reviews can be costly and labour-intensive processes, particularly in banking. By automating this process with valid8Me, organisations can reduce their operating costs and risk level whilst improving operational efficiencies.  

Our platform embodies technological advancements in identity verification and regulatory compliance. With valid8Me, the KYC process is no longer a challenge but a seamless part of your operational workflow.

Perpetual KYC

Reduced Risk

Perpetual KYC will give your firm almost immediate updates to changes in customer information. This will enable you to make risk-based decisions with greater confidence as the data you will be working with is accurate and up to date.

While Perpetual KYC is a progressive practice, valid8Me addresses common challenges such as the need for quality data and adapting to new procedures, ensuring a smooth transition and robust compliance framework.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Perpetual KYC so important?

Perpetual KYC is a modern approach to customer due diligence that maintains up-to-date customer information through continuous, real-time monitoring, as opposed to the traditional method that relies on periodic checks.

What are the benefits of switching to perpetual KYC?

Perpetual KYC offers several advantages, including operational cost reduction, improved data accuracy, enhanced compliance with regulations, efficient risk management, and a better overall customer experience.

How does perpetual KYC improve the client experience?

By automating the KYC process, perpetual KYC reduces the need for customers to repeatedly provide information, leading to a smoother and more streamlined client journey.

How does perpetual KYC differ from traditional KYC?

Traditional KYC is often a manual, time-intensive process conducted at set intervals. Perpetual KYC, on the other hand, is an ongoing automated process that keeps customer data current and reduces the risk of outdated information.

Is perpetual KYC expensive to implement?

There may be initial costs involved in transitioning to a perpetual KYC system, but the long-term savings in operational costs and improved efficiency typically offset the initial investment by as much as 3:1!

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Perpetual KYC with valid8Me.

Satisfy your regulatory requirements and ensure AML compliance with our optimised balance of risk assessment and operational efficiency.

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Risk Reduction

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Enhanced Due Diligence

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Ongoing Monitoring

Discover how valid8Me delivers for global enterprises.

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Significantly reduce onboarding time and costs, whilst delivering an enhanced experience for your clients leading to maximum onboarding conversions.

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Reduce onboarding time by up to 90%

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Identity Verification

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Reduce onboarding costs by up to 50%