Audit Trail

Remaining AML compliant and audit ready can be challenging, especially when you consider the workload associated with AML compliance management.

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Identity Verification

Verify clients faster and more efficiently with our identity verification software utilising Liveness Detection technology.

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Risk Assessment

Use the Risk Assessment tool in valid8Me to generate a risk score  instantly and accurately on based on information submitted by your clients.

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Digital Identity Vault

Our reusable digital identity vaults reduce client onboarding costs by up to 50% and onboarding times by 90% by simplifying the process of sourcing, maintaining, and updating KYC documents.

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Generate detailed and specific reports in real-time for the most accurate picture of your clients and their data.

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Utilise our fully customisable workflows to enable you to adhere to AML compliance regulations and ensure your company policies are met by using our guided workflows.

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Take control of your customer onboarding and AML compliance today

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