Risk Assessment

Use the highly configurable Risk Assessment tool to model your policies and determine appropriate client risk ratings whilst establishing relevant levels of ongoing due diligence.

How our Risk Assessment feature benefits your business

Risk Assessment

Get client risk ratings enabling you to make on demand decisions.

Accelerate your decision-making process and improve time to revenue whilst maintaining AML compliance. valid8Me's risk assessment feature sets new standards in the AML compliance arena.

It equips financial institutions with the tools necessary to perform thorough risk assessments, ensuring that policies, procedures, and controls are in place and effective against the backdrop of an ever-changing regulatory landscape.

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Risk Assessment

Ongoing Monitoring

Set review dates and reminders to proactively prompt you when documents are expiring. Adopting valid8Me's risk assessment features means that you are not only meeting legal requirements but also strategically positioning your business to avoid potential financial crime risks.

It allows for more informed decision-making about clients, transactions, and business relationships, fostering a culture of compliance and due diligence​​. 

Risk Assessment

Customisable and Configurable.

Tailor your risk assessment by taking advantage of our no code design. Risk engines can be configured depending on your business policies ensuring you have flexible criteria for unique clients.

Leveraging global expertise and methodologies, valid8Me offers a risk assessment tool that provides a standardised, automated solution, responding to worldwide regulatory guidance. This tool allows for the execution of a firmwide risk assessment, identifying external and internal risks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is a robust AML risk assessment so important?

An AML risk assessment aims to identify, assess, and understand the money laundering and terrorist financing risks that an organisation faces, and to ensure that measures to mitigate these risks are effective.

How does valid8Me ensure compliance with global AML standards?

Valid8Me's methodology is globally standardised, aligning with best practices and regulatory requirements to ensure comprehensive AML compliance.

What makes valid8Me’s AML risk assessment tool efficient?

The platform's automation, alert-based monitoring, and no-code design streamline the risk assessment process, making it efficient and consistent across your organisation.

Does valid8Me provide updates to keep up with changing AML compliance requirements?

valid8Me’s web-based platform allows for seamless updates, ensuring that your organisation stays compliant with the latest AML regulatory changes.

What are the key components of an AML risk assessment with valid8Me?

Valid8Me's risk assessments are completely configurable thanks to our no-code design. They allow you to generate a risk rating based on the parameters that you set.

Can valid8Me handle risk assessments for various business sizes?

Although we are an Enterprise software solution, valid8me's platform is flexible and scalable, catering to all sizes of businesses from small firms to large multinational corporations.

How does valid8Me’s tool help in reporting?

It generates clear, presentation-ready reports and summaries that can be presented to stakeholders, including examiners and board members.


Risk Assessment

 It identifies risks related to your organisation’s products, customer types, and geographies, establishing control standards and assessing control effectiveness​​.

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Reduced Risk

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Improved Client Knowledge

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