Reusable Digital Identity & Vaults

Our reusable digital identity vaults reduce client onboarding costs by up to 50% and onboarding times by 90% by simplifying the process of sourcing, maintaining, and updating KYC documents.

How our Reusable Digital Identity works for you

REusable Digital Identity

Reduce overheads, optimise processes.

The vaults model removes overheads associated with handling sensitive data while reducing data privacy risk and exposure for businesses. The reusable identity allows customers to be instantly verified across all industries and businesses.

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REusable Digital Identity

Improved customer journey

Reduce the number of friction points on your customers journey and the amount of labour needed to successfully onboard a user thanks to our reusable digital identity vault and identity verification software.

REusable Digital Identity

Network Effect

As more and more people create and maintain a reusable digital identity on the valid8Me platform, the effects are multiplied and previously time-consuming interactions become seamless.

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Reusable Digital ID Vaults

Our platform will allow your clients to significantly improved their client/customer journey by streamlining the onboarding process and storing data in our vaults.

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Repititon Removed

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Customer Experience Enhanced

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Onboarding Time and Cost Reduction

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