valid8Me is the most secure, efficient and effective way for you to digitally onboard your customers

  • You and your customers want interactions to be easy, fast and efficient. Onboarding customers using traditional methods is anything but that, which results in frustration and high customer drop off rates.
  • Digital Onboarding using digital identity vaults is not the way of the future, it is here now, simplifying the burden of sourcing, maintaining and updating KYC documents.
  • By allowing retail and corporate customers to manage their own data, valid8Me is the only platform that will truly achieve this seamless interaction and accelerate revenue generation for onboarding companies.


Created with privacy by design principles, dramatically reducing the costs, time and inefficiencies of today’s onboarding landscape

  • valid8Me's digital identity vault approach eliminates the need for onboarding companies to take receipt of KYC documents. This allows you to reduce your GDPR and other data protection risks and operational challenges.
  • valid8Me provides you with guaranteed access to customers' KYC documentation in their secure digital identity vault once a connection request is made and consent is granted, making valid8Me the most transparent and trusted KYC document sourcing solution.
  • valid8Me allows you to take receipt of only the documents and data you really need using our open API’s and download module.

Counterparty Connections

Certifying customer documentation does not have to be left behind in the age of digital onboarding and KYC due diligence

  • valid8Me allows companies to increase their trust in customer documentation by requesting certification of particular documents and other counterparty services directly and easily on valid8Me. Accelerate onboarding and customer due diligence processes by using valid8Me to view each certificate and associated documents.
  • Solicitors, Auditors and other counterparty providers (e.g. brokers) can expand their customer base and reach, offering their services digitally through valid8Me.
  • valid8Me provides Customers with a digital channel to engage their counterparty, which simplifies and accelerates the time taken to access a product or service whilst also reducing customer angst during the onboarding process.

Enhanced Compliance

valid8Me provides enhanced compliance features as standard

  • Our immutable audit trail allows you to evidence your Customer Due Diligence undertaken by capturing all actions between you and your customers in our Certificate of Actions Performed Report.
  • Obtain Identity Verification (“IDV”) and Document Forensics checks as standard for all customers and Identity Documents on our platform, providing enhanced confidence and comfort for digital onboarding.
  • We even allow you the option of providing your auditors and regulators with access to our platform to view your onboarding activities at no additional cost, removing the need for ever having to email or share sensitive KYC documentation in an unsecure manner again.