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Ensure a frictionless client & counterparty onboarding experience with assured AML & KYC compliance throughout the entire lifecycle.

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A simplified onboarding experience for clients and counterparties.

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Client Onboarding.

Onboard your clients in minutes enabling significant time and cost savings. Experience the synergy of compliance and security with our integrated KYC/AML platform.

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Document Verification.

Experience enhanced accuracy and reliability with our government-trusted biometric & forensic technology to verify client information with precision.

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Reusable Digital Identity.

As pioneers of the reusable digital identity movement, you can now future proof ongoing AML obligations and solve for perpetual KYC.

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Risk Assessments.

Highly configurable, no-code, self service platform enabling a comprehensive client risk rating framework across all business lines.

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Efficiency meets compliance with our optimised KYC workflows. Every step, from client onboarding to ongoing monitoring, is designed for maximum efficacy, ensuring a seamless process for both businesses and their clients.

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“What does great AML look like? Technically, valid8Me have nailed it, and I’ve been most impressed with the fact the product is always improving.”

Philip Nathan
Head of Sales & Client Services,        Nathan Trust

The difference we make

Client satisfaction
Reduction in onboarding time
Document types verified
Reduction in onboarding costs

Processes to transform AML Compliance in your firm.

Digital Onboarding: Efficient & Secure

Onboard your clients quickly and efficiently with our award-winning due diligence platform. Reduce onboarding time and cost and meet all of your AML & KYC compliance requirements. We specialise in detailed, thorough verification processes, protecting your business from potential risks and ensuring alignment with regulatory standards.

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Client Risk Rating

Our Risk Assessment feature will instantly generate a score based on what the client has uploaded, and, thanks to ongoing monitoring, give you the most up-to-date information for ongoing due diligence. From document KYC verification to these intricate risk assessments, our system covers every aspect, providing a streamlined, user-friendly experience.

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AML Remediation

Our ongoing monitoring and enhanced due diligence will ensure you remain compliant whilst having transparency and control over your client's data. Leverage our advanced KYC technology to stay ahead of compliance challenges. Our system integrates innovative features and up-to-date regulatory information, ensuring your business remains compliant and secure.

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ID & Document Verification

Certify client KYC documentation and identification with our best-in-class technology solution. Interpol, Border Patrol, & major financial institutions utilise on the same identity verification software so you have peace of mind it will surpass all AML compliance requirements for your firm.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are Identity Verification (“IDV”) checks do you undertake?

All users creating a profile have to complete a Liveness Detection test and other checks to combat against identity fraud and ensure they are the person in possession of the device.

What document forensics are in place?

All documents are scanned to assess document authenticity and signs of manual manipulation that may raise suspicions of fraudulent behaviour. For ID documents we even complete a facial recognition check to ensure the documents are indeed that of the data subject.

What if my customers can not find their counterparty on valid8Me?

Once a customer knows the email address of their counterparty, they can share key documents, which allows the counterparty to register as a certifier and complete their required actions.

What makes your KYC/AML platform different from others on the market?

Our platform stands out due to its comprehensive, user-friendly approach to KYC and AML compliance. Unlike traditional systems, we offer a seamless integration of document verification, risk assessments, and continuous monitoring, ensuring that your compliance processes are not only up to date but also future-proofed against evolving regulations.

How does perpetual KYC work on your platform, and why is it important?

Perpetual KYC is an ongoing due diligence process that continuously monitors and updates client information. Our platform automates these checks, flagging any changes in a client's risk profile and ensuring that your records are always current. This proactive approach is crucial for complying with AML regulations and protecting against financial crime.

How does your platform improve the efficiency of the KYC process workflow?

Our platform streamlines the KYC process by automating repetitive tasks, integrating with existing systems, and providing a centralised dashboard for easy management. By reducing manual work, we help you expedite client onboarding, improve accuracy, and free up your team to focus on critical decision-making.

How does your platform assist with global regulatory compliance, especially concerning AML initiatives?

Our AML platform is designed to meet global compliance standards, equipped with real-time monitoring and reporting tools that adhere to international regulations. We help you stay ahead of potential risks with proactive alerts on suspicious activities, ensuring your operations remain transparent and compliant on a global scale.

Do I have to take receipt of documents?

This can vary by jurisdiction, but increasingly regulators are comfortable with companies having guaranteed access to and having the ability to prove how was undertaken in a trusted manner.

How does valid8Me satisfy regulatory requirements

valid8Me provides companies with guaranteed access to a customersKYC documents for their legal duration, which the onboarding company determines. We also allow you to determine which documents and data you want to take receipt of, as previously you never had the choice to leverage a trusted, secure and customer SaaS solution.

How does your platform ensure accurate and reliable document verification?

We utilise cutting-edge technology, including biometric analysis and forensic authentication, to verify documents with precision. Our platform cross-references documentation with global databases and employs AI-driven checks to detect any discrepancies or potential fraud, ensuring the utmost accuracy in client verification.

 Can your platform handle different regulatory requirements from various jurisdictions?

Absolutely. Our platform is equipped with a sophisticated rule engine that adapts to different regulatory landscapes. Whether you're dealing with local laws or international standards, our system can configure specific compliance workflows, ensuring that your process aligns with the necessary legal frameworks wherever you operate.

What measures does your platform take to secure sensitive information?

Data security is paramount to our operations. We employ advanced encryption, secure data storage solutions, and regular security audits to ensure your sensitive information is thoroughly protected. Only authorised personnel can access client data, and we adhere to strict protocols to safeguard against data breaches.

Do you offer customizable KYC/AML solutions to fit different business models?

Yes, we understand that each business has unique needs and challenges. Our platform offers customisable workflows, allowing you to adjust risk parameters, compliance checks, and reporting features to suit your specific business requirements. Whether you're a scale-up or a large corporation, we have the flexibility to serve your needs effectively.

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