Identity Verification

Our unparalleled identity verification software meets the intricate needs of KYC and AML compliance. Liveness Detection technology empowers your client onboarding process with a 99% accuracy rate, ensuring that only genuine users pass through our verification filters.

Identity Verification: Secure gateway to AML compliance and process efficiency.

valid8Me is the right balance of speed and fraud prevention ensuring you meet your AML compliance requirements.

Identity Verification

Fully customisable verification.

Craft your ideal verification process with our fully customisable tools, designed to streamline your KYC process workflow and enhance business KYC practices. Our platform is engineered for perpetual KYC, adapting to the ever-evolving landscape of KYC technology.

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Liveness Detection
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Accuracy rate
Identity Verification

Best-in-class technology.

valid8Me's ID Verification Software is the cornerstone of trust for businesses worldwide. Governments (including US & UK border control), Interpol, financial institutions, and innovators in AML remediation turn to us for solutions that resonate with reliability and compliance.

Our identity verification software is a beacon for entities demanding AML compliance. Beyond compliance, our tools offer an effortless user experience that elevates your client onboarding process, making it a seamless journey for every new client.

Identity Verification

AML compliance ready

Our future focused platform and pioneering technology will provide the conditions for easier enablement of AML compliance. Our ongoing monitoring will ensure you have the most accurate data to reduce your level of risk.

Our commitment to pioneering a secure, reusable identity vault is unwavering, as we continue to redefine digital identity verification.

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Reduced Risk

Frequently Asked Questions

What is valid8Me's approach to identity verification?

valid8Me offers a market-leading verification process powered by advanced Liveness Detection technology and biometric checks ensuring high accuracy and efficiency in client verification.

What makes valid8Me’s identity verification secure?

We leverage cutting-edge identity verification technology and adhere to stringent data protection standards, providing a reliable KYC solution.

Q: How does valid8Me handle data extracted from identity documents?

Valid8Me prioritises data security with consent based models and privacy by design principles, ensuring that all information is handled in compliance with global standards, backed by our robust KYC technology.

Is there support for continuous or perpetual KYC?

Yes, valid8Me supports perpetual KYC, allowing for continuous monitoring and updating of client information to maintain compliance and manage risk effectively over time.

How does valid8Me enable audit readiness?

The platform's audit trail feature prepares your firm for inspections with comprehensive records of compliance activities, easily reportable in just a few clicks.

How does valid8Me ensure compliance with KYC and AML regulations?

Our platform is designed to aid in AML compliance, with ongoing monitoring and tools that align with current KYC process workflows.

Does valid8Me offer support for international document verification?

Absolutely, our identity verification solution offers global coverage, making us the ideal AML platform for international businesses.

Who can benefit from using valid8Me's identity verification services?

Our services are designed for a wide range of industries, including those seeking comprehensive KYC for accounting, securities lending, asset management and legal services.

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Identity Verification

We make IDV easy for your business. Our verification software delivers a higher level of fraud detection in a more efficient manner.

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Verify users on their phone.

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Best-in-class technology.

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Discover how valid8Me delivers for global enterprises.