Identity Verification

Verify clients faster and more efficiently with our identity verification software utilising Liveness Detection technology.

Our Identity Verification can enhance and protect your business.

valid8Me is the right balance of speed and fraud prevention ensuring you meet your AML compliance requirements.

Identity Verification

Fully customisable verification.

Our fully customisable verification tools enable to deliver the correct mix of efficiency and fraud prevention. This ensures the right customers get through without delay. Our Liveness Detection software will ensure the highest levels of accuracy.

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Liveness Detection
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Facial Recognition
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Accuracy rate
Identity Verification

Best-in-class technology.

Our technology puts your business at the forefront of your industry. Valid8Me's IDV software is trusted by governments (including US & UK border control), Interpol, and major global financial institutions to ensure the highest level of accuracy for verifying identities.

Identity Verification

AML compliance ready

Our future focused platform and pioneering technology will provide the conditions for easier enablement of AML compliance. Our ongoing monitoring will ensure you have the most accurate data to reduce your level of risk.

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Reduced Risk

Identity Verification

We make IDV easy for your business. Our verification software delivers a higher level of fraud detection in a more efficient manner.

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Verify users on their phone.

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Best-in-class technology.

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Client risk rating.

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