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An enterprise solution to empower AML Compliance.

Our onboarding and due diligence platform is a comprehensive solution to ensure integrity and trust in your enterprise.

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Realise significant improvements for your firm.

Significantly reduce onboarding times

Onboard your customers in minutes, not days. Save time, money, and reduce friction in your business.

Improve document verification rates

Verify documents instantly and detect fake documents in real-time. 12,000+ documents listed.

Audit ready

Using our Audit Trail, you will be AML compliant and ready for inspection. Report on it in 5 clicks.

AML Compliance Obligations

Understanding and fulfilling your compliance obligations under AML/CFT Acts is crucial. Our platform equips you with the tools to assess risks, establish AML compliance plans, and carry out the necessary client verifications​​.

valid8Me has transformed our onboarding process

Nathan Trust reduced their onboarding times by 92% after integrating valid8Me into their firm.

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Transform client onboarding and enhance trust with our enterprise solution. Discover below.


How valid8Me can help your firm.

Instant digital verification

Automate KYC verification of sensitive client documents instantly. Enjoy significantly reduced onboarding times and turn onboarding into a competitive advantage.

Embrace the digital transformation with valid8Me's advanced features. Our platform automates data collection, verification, and risk assessment, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in your KYC processes.

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Document Storage and Security

Deliver perpetual KYC for your firm and remove repetitious actions. As the volume of documents being gathered by firms continues to grow, you can ensure your client’s data is secure and accessible.

KYC is not just a regulatory requirement but a critical component in building a transparent financial environment. For accountants and solicitors, this means conducting thorough due diligence on their clients to ensure the legitimacy of their financial activities and mitigate the risk of money laundering​​.

Reporting made easy

Give your firm the ability to generate detailed and customisable reports to make informed decisions. Success is defined differently by everyone, so you choose the reporting you need to meet your goals.

Valid8me is dedicated to supporting professional services in maintaining the highest standards of AML compliance. Our platform is designed to handle the complexities of KYC regulations, enabling you to focus on delivering an exceptional client experience with the assurance of AML compliance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is AML compliance important for professional services?

AML compliance refers to adhering to laws and regulations aimed at preventing money laundering and terrorist financing. For accountants and legal firms, it's crucial to ensure financial transactions are legitimate and to mitigate the risk of facilitating illegal activities.

What kind of KYC verification does valid8Me offer?

valid8Me supports standard, simplified, and enhanced KYC verifications, catering to clients of varying risk levels, from basic identity verification to in-depth due diligence for high-risk clients.

How does valid8Me improve client onboarding times?

By automating document checks and verifications, valid8Me reduces manual processing time, allowing accountants/solictors to onboard clients in minutes rather than days.

How secure is client data with valid8Me?

valid8Me’s prioritises data security with robust encryption and storage solutions, ensuring that your client's sensitive information is protected in compliance with the highest industry standards.

How does valid8Me enable audit readiness?

The platform's audit trail feature prepares your firm for inspections with comprehensive records of compliance activities, easily reportable in just a few clicks.

How does valid8Me help with AML compliance?

valid8Me provides a digital platform that automates KYC and AML checks, streamlining the onboarding process, ensuring compliance, and maintaining audit readiness for enterprise professional services firms.

Can valid8Me integrate with my existing systems?

Yes, valid8Me is designed to seamlessly integrate with your firm's current operational systems, enhancing your compliance processes without disrupting your workflow.

Is valid8Me suitable for all sizes of professional services firms?

valid8Me’s scalable platform is ideal for medium to enterprise-sized firms.

What reporting capabilities does valid8Me offer?

valid8Me provides customizable reporting features, enabling firms to generate detailed reports for internal audits, compliance checks, and informed decision-making.

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