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Transform your client and investor onboarding experience.

Asset Management firms must maximise operational efficiencies, increase time to revenue, and deliver an exceptional customer experience all whilst meeting their regulatory requirements. Do it all with valid8Me.

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Improve Time to Revenue.

Decreasing time spent onboarding clients and investors and reducing time on manual tasks enables a much-improved time to revenue and more time for portfolio management.  

Frictionless Onboarding.

Automated Identity Verification: Leverage technology to conduct thorough and accurate investor identity checks swiftly. Automate your workflow with our platform and make use of our client risk assessment feature for more informed decision making.

AML Compliance Requirements

valid8Me allows firms to ensure consistent application of AML, KYC and data privacy requirements. Our Reporting Suite gives you detailed compliance reporting in a few clicks.  

Digital Transformation

Take advantage of our industry-leading technology with our digital identification verification solution and our client risk assessments tool to give you more informed decision making.

Transform your customer onboarding with valid8Me


How valid8Me can transform Funds and Asset Management for you

Optimise Process Efficiencies

Significantly improve your overall efficiencies by delivering an optimised onboarding process and by guiding users through the onboarding lifecycle with minimal fuss and maximum efficiency.

Offer investors a seamless journey by providing a frictionless onboarding experience that aligns with investors’ expectations in the digital age.

Maintain Data Integrity: Securely store and manage investor data, facilitating easy retrieval for reporting and audits.

Data Protection & Privacy: Ensure investor data is handled with the utmost care and complies with GDPR.

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Enhance Client & Investor Experience

Reduce friction points for both clients and investors thanks to a streamlined digital onboarding experience. Inbuilt refresh processes enhance the investor experience ensuring that funds and asset managers reduce the number of manual tasks and accelerate the approval process.

valid8Me is committed to equipping funds and asset managers with the tools needed to foster growth, manage risks, and maintain investor confidence. Our platform enables you to focus on asset performance and investor relations while we handle the complexities of AML compliance.

Perpetual KYC is crucial for verifying the identities of investors, understanding the source and flow of funds, and preventing the misuse of financial channels for illicit activities.

Empowered Risk Assessment.

Our customisable risk assessments functionality provides risk scoring on information provided by a client. This allows for improved fraud detection, risk management, and enables more time for you to focus on investment management for clients.

Implement ongoing risk assessments to adapt to changes in investor profiles and regulatory demands.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can KYC processes identify and mitigate investor risks?

KYC processes enable fund managers and administrators to thoroughly screen and assess the risk profiles of investors. By doing so, they can proactively make decisions on investor suitability and ensure that only qualified investors are part of the fund, thereby mitigating potential financial and reputational risks​​​​.

How does a comprehensive KYC solution ensure data security?

A robust KYC platform will prioritise the secure handling of sensitive investor information in compliance with privacy regulations such as GDPR. Secure data storage and processing protocols are essential to maintain investor confidentiality and trust​​.

Can KYC solutions integrate with current systems used by fund managers?

Yes, modern KYC solutions offer APIs and integration capabilities that allow for seamless operation with existing CRM systems. This centralises KYC activities, reduces the need for manual data transfers, and enhances the overall efficiency of the process​​.

Is it possible to send KYC questionnaires in bulk while maintaining compliance?

Yes, with the right KYC platform, fund managers can send out KYC questionnaires to multiple investors simultaneously. These systems often provide bulk upload capabilities, which streamline the process and ensure consistency in compliance requirements​​.

How does KYC help in protecting the assets and reputation of a fund?

By ensuring that all investors and stakeholders are properly vetted, KYC processes protect the integrity of the fund. This due diligence helps prevent association with high-risk individuals or entities that could lead to negative press or adverse effects on the fund's reputation​​.

What are the legal compliance advantages of using a specialised KYC tool?

Specialised KYC tools help funds and asset managers stay abreast of and comply with the latest AML and financial crime prevention legislation. With expert guidance and advanced tools, funds can actively prevent penalties or actions from regulatory bodies​​.

How do KYC platforms manage complex legal entity structures?

Advanced KYC platforms can automatically generate visual diagrams of complex legal entity structures, pulling data from all related entities. This feature enables fund managers to have a clear view of ownership and control structures without relying on cumbersome spreadsheets or manual documents​​.

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