Generate detailed and specific reports in real-time for the most accurate picture of your clients and their data.

How our Reporting tool benefits your business

Quickly and easily save and export reports if they need to be shared with stakeholders for the most up-to-date decision making.


Board/MIS Reporting

Identify the gaps in your KYC data like out-of-date documents or missing risk assessments. Our reporting will identify high risk clients, who may require Enhanced Due Diligence, as well as medium and low risk clients.

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Enhanced Transparency

Utilise our reports to identify authorised representatives and have visibility on the companies they are related to. Also, our reporting feature will aid with ongoing monitoring to reduce your level of risk.


Single View, Full Control

Take advantage of our Single Customer View to give you all the reporting you need in our report builder. Configure and generate reports depending on what is needed whilst storing everything in one central location.

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Our no code, fully customisable report builder will allow you to create and extract your very own reports that can be tailored to your AML compliance and regulatory reporting needs.  

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Compliance Reporting in 5 clicks.

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Enhanced decision making.

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