Importance of Digital Transformation for the Funds Sector in Ireland

Digital transformation has the potential to have a significant impact on the Investment Funds sector. Discover why

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Michelle McGuire
Head of Risk & Compliance
White Paper

The Central Bank of Ireland (‘CBI’) recently issued a response to the Department of Finance's Funds Sector 2030 Review by identifying five priority areas that will be critical to the future development of the investment funds sector in Ireland. The areas of focus are: 

  • Delivering Positive Outcomes for the Domestic Economy and Investors
  • Developing a Macroprudential Framework for Investment Funds
  • Maintaining Regulatory Effectiveness
  • Sustainable Finance
  • Digital Transformation

This white paper will focus on Digital Transformation. The CBI stated in the response that it recognises the importance of digital transformation for the investment funds sector and its stakeholders.

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