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Reduce transaction times and remove unnecessary repetition

Using our award-winning due diligence platform, you can significantly reduce time spent onboarding and assessing customers whilst generating a more accurate profile of your clients.

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Ongoing Monitoring

Our platform will monitor documents on an ongoing basis ensuring that client information is accurate and up-to-date.

Verify Documents Instantly.

Automate the document verification process with our platform that uses best-in-class technology allowing online Identity Verification and improved Fraud Prevention.

Document Storage & Retrieval

Remove issues with document storage, retrieval, and management with our holistic platform view allowing complete control with minimum fuss.

Reduce Admin, Reduce Risk

Reduce the risk of human error or fraud and free up time with automated KYC & AML checks on businesses or customers with valid8Me’s Risk Assessment feature.

Transform your customer onboarding with valid8Me


Optimise your AML compliance processes

ID Verification

Verify who you’re interacting with instantly and generate a customer risk assessment score based off the information they provide. Make more informed & timely decisions as a result.

Client Data Storage

Dealing with one client’s data can be tricky. Dealing with data for thousands of clients is an enormous undertaking. This is solved by our intuitive workflow which will prompt you to take action (document expiring etc) to stay ahead, always.

Client Onboarding.

Whether it’s a single individual or an enterprise client, our onboarding platform can cater to your requirements. Automating this process with valid8Me will lead to improved data quality, better client experience, and significant reduction in onboarding times.

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