Whether sharing your corporate information or accessing customers’ KYC information we have the solution for you

The most convenient way to securely share your corporate information

Use valid8Me to securely & conveniently share your corporate information with banks, insurers, brokers or any other company onboarding your business as their customer.

Securely access your customers’ KYC information in seconds

Use valid8Me to connect with, access and view your customers' KYC information seamlessly.

Key Features

Its free, and always will be

We promise it will always be free for businesses to store, protect, release and revoke access to their personalised digital vault.

Customer Centric –
you are in control

valid8Me is the first truly customer centric approach to document sharing, where you know who has access to your information and why. We take your privacy seriously and will never sell your data.

It’s Simple

Sign up today and create your secure digital vault in minutes. Let our valid8 score guide you in completing your profile.

Access products and services quicker

With valid8Me you can remove the endless delays in access regulated services, by simply granting access to your vault. Typical onboarding times are reduced by up to 90% with valid8Me.