What is Digital Identity

21 October 2020

The future of digital identity: protecting your privacy

Just a generation ago, opening a bank account, renewing your driver’s license, or applying for government supports meant going into an office, meeting someone in person, and giving them your original identification documents to be photocopied and kept in a physical file. This was a time-consuming way of doing things, for both you and the business involved – and it was not a very safe way of storing your most private information. 

Gradually, many of these services moved online and some were automated, creating what is now known as your digital identity. This new way of doing things usually means scanning or taking a photo of your documents and sending them by email. This saves a lot of time for everyone involved as you no longer have to meet in person – but there are still security problems that need to be addressed. 

In a world where cyber crime costs billions each year, email is not the most secure method to share your most private data. Your digital identity often comprises government IDs, your driving licence, your financial information, and other hugely personal details. It’s absolutely crucial to keep those documents safe from identity theft and far away from hackers. 

Additionally, it’s a hassle to source your documents and scan them each and every time you want to apply for a new financial product or service. It means sharing those IDs over and over again with different companies, putting you at increased risk. If just one company you are dealing with experiences a security breach, your most sensitive data is at risk. 

Right now, many technology companies including Horizon8 are developing solutions designed to keep your documents safe, and to share them quickly and easily with companies. 

What if you only had to upload your documents to your own digital account once, and instead of handing control of your data over to a company, you stayed in full control of it? This is the future of digital identity. You store your information in a secure digital vault, and you control who can access it, how much they can see, and for how long. 

As time goes on, and we carry out more and more of our lives online, keeping your digital identity safe and secure will only become more important. valid8me is committed to supporting consumers in accessing the services they want to while staying safe and secure.

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