Digital Identity Vault

The easiest way to securely share your personal information for customer onboarding

  • valid8Me was created to revolutionise how we store and share our most sensitive information.
  • Its purpose is both simple and bold - empower you to securely hold and instantly release key documents from one, personalised digital identity vault.
  • You will never have to email your documents again, while always knowing who has access to your information and why.

Your Marketplace

Securely share your personal information in seconds

  • valid8Me is free to use and reduces customer onboarding times for regulated products and services from weeks to minutes.
  • It gets you past the endless hassles and delays we are all too familiar with as part of the customer onboarding experience.
  • This fundamentally changes how we do business in the digital world, allowing for instant, secure and intuitive connections between you as a customer and the companies you want to do business with.

You’re In Control

Your secure digital identity vault & universal identity key

  • valid8Me gives you the power to protect, release or revoke your data.
  • Our platform is designed with your privacy in mind, sharing the minimum amount of personal information required to access products and services.
  • You only ever have to upload a document once, you can freely make this available to all businesses needing access to your information.

Key Features

Its free, and always will be

We promise it will always be free to store, protect, release and revoke access to your personalised digital identity vault.

Customer Centric - Take control of your data

valid8Me is the first truly customer centric approach to document sharing, where you know who has access to your information and why. We take your privacy seriously and will never sell your data.


Sign up today and create your secure digital identity vault in a few easy steps. Let our valid8 score guide you in completing your profile.

Access products and services quicker

With valid8Me you can remove the endless onboarding delays and access regulated products & services by simply granting access to your digital identity vault.


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