The Why?

Digital Onboarding using digital identities is not the way of the future. It is here, now.

Achieve Up to 40% cost savings on your onboarding activities. Reduce your onboarding times by up to 90%, while dramatically improving customer experience
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Accelerated Onboarding
Our digital approach and technologies, from Identity Verification (“IDV”) controls, document forensics, biometric checks and simple connection process allows you to onboard customers in minutes. Our user friendly document request process ensures you source the documents from your customers secure digital vault as quickly as possible.
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Reduce Costs
Our focus on your customer experience and the promise you can make to them to simplify and enhance their onboarding journey, provides for a self service oriented model that dramatically shifts the workload from the onboarding company to the customer, as customers will only ever have to maintain one instance of their KYC documents in their vault that can be re-used for all their onboarding needs.
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Customer Centric Platform
valid8Me is designed for your customers, it is free for your customers, it allows them access to your services quicker, using the most secure. mechanism possible. It removes the stress of onboarding and best of all they can even use this for all their other KYC onboarding needs, thereby ensuring documents are constantly updated removing unnecessary delays.
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How to Set Up A Product

Configure each of your services and products to clearly request what precise KYC documents you need to onboard a customer.

  • Classify each service as either retail or corporate, allowing you to specify the different KYC documents associated with each customer type.
  • Configure and enable the product and associated document request list in minutes, allowing you to instantly connect with customers.
  • Capture the duration and term of legal need for each service, which determines the timeframe you will have access to a customer's document once access is granted (e.g. 5 years after the service ends, etc).
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How to Connect with Customers

valid8Me fundamentally changes how you do business in the digital world, allowing for instant, secure and intuitive connections between you and your customers.

  • Simply type in a customers’ email address, confirm the service they wish to obtain from you and initiate the connection request.
  • Active customers on valid8Me will instantly receive a connection request from their valid8Me mobile application, requesting access to specific documents in their secure digital vault. You can seamlessly access the information of Authorised Representatives for your corporate customers.
  • New customers to valid8Me will receive an email informing them to set up their profile and valid8Me will do the rest. We guide your customers through the set up process ensuring you obtain your KYC documents as quickly as possible.
  • Customers can even find you by name or by service using the search function in their mobile valid8Me application.
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How to Manage Connections

Once connected with a customer valid8Me allows for:

  • Additional documentation to be provided where necessary, or even updated information if a customer ignores the prompts generated by valid8Me to update any out of date documentation in their vault.
  • Onboarding companies will always determine the timeframe they need for accessing a customer’s vault, once you confirm you no longer require access to a customer’s documentation in their vault, access will be revoked.
  • Our document revoke request workflow allows a clear, simple and transparent channel to deal with customers' concerns, with all actions being captured on our immutable audit trail for audit purposes.

Identity Verification & Document Forensics

valid8Me provides Identity Verification (“IDV”) and Document Forensics checks as standard for all customers and Identity Documents on our platform, providing enhanced confidence and comfort for digital onboarding.

  • During initial registration all users complete a biometric scan, a liveness detection test and a number of other actions the correct person is holding the device and establishing their digital identity vault.
  • All identity documentation uploaded and accessed through valid8Me provides facial recognition and other verification checks to minimize identity theft and identity fraud.
  • All documents uploaded to valid8Me undergo document forensics to mitigate the risk of fraudulent or manipulated documents being accepted.

How secure is my vault?

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