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valid8Me secures €12.5m investment from Grant Thornton

Horizon8 Launches valid8Me, The Digital Identity Vault Solution Transforming Customer Onboarding

valid8Me announced as Irish Funds FinTech Factor winner!

Horizon8 were delighted for the valid8Me platform to be selected as the first winner of the 2021 Irish Funds FinTech Factor series. We look forward to engaging with the Irish Funds community at the upcoming virtual AGM in May. Best wishes and heartiest congratulations to the other FinTech solutions on

valid8Me wins Nicsa Innovation Award

Horizon8 are delighted to receive the 2020 Nicsa NOVA award for Innovation in Product Development and Marketing for valid8Me. The Nicsa NOVA Awards aim to showcase best-in-class initiatives, technologies, and leadership in asset management today. Specifically the award for Innovation in Product Development and Marketing recognises outstanding leadership in concept

What is GDPR, and what does it mean for you?

GDPR can sometimes sound complicated, but it’s really just a set of laws designed to ensure that organizations keep your data safe. GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation, and it’s EU legislation that applies to any company or government body processing personal data within the EU.

The Cost of Onboarding Clients

Is a good start half the battle? It is when it comes to building a relationship with new clients and customers. The onboarding process is a customer’s first interaction with your organization. A smooth process leaves a good first impression and a foundation of goodwill that can be further built

What is Digital Identity

Just a generation ago, opening a bank account, renewing your driver’s license, or applying for government supports meant going into an office, meeting someone in person, and giving them your original identification documents to be photocopied and kept in a physical file. This was a time-consuming way of doing things,

Creating a frictionless experience for onboarding clients

The more hurdles potential customers have to jump to avail of your services, the more likely it is they will drop out at some point in the process. The slower your onboarding process is, the more slowly your revenue streams move. So why – in 2020 – do most major

Death by paperwork / red tape

It’s 2020, so why is opening a bank account still such a slow process? Why is applying for a credit card so cumbersome? And why is applying for government supports so bureaucratic? Every time you start a process like this, you are required to hand over certain data. In some