The Why?

Valid8Me allows companies to increase their trust in customer documentation by requesting certification of particular documents and other counterparty services directly and easily on valid8Me.
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For each specific customer connection specify the documents you feel require additional certification be it with a notary or other similar trusted body.
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Accelerate Onboarding
Accelerate onboarding and customer due diligence processes by using valid8Me to view each certificate and associated documents.
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Reduce Customer Angst
valid8Me provides Customers with a digital channel to engage their counterparty or search for a new one, which simplifies and accelerates the time taken to access a product / service; while also reducing customer angst during the on-boarding process.
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How to Request Counterparty Certifications

  • Specify the certification required at both a product level and also at a customer level
  • Push the certification request seamlessly to a customer informing them of the need to connect with a counterparty through valid8Me to complement and even replace their offline processes depending on your jurisdiction.
  • The counterparty certification process through valid8Me is free, again simplifying the burden on customers to provide their complete KYC information for your benefit!
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How to View Counterparty Certifications

  • Through the valid8Me onboarding portal, view all documents where access has been granted.
  • Where Notarisations or other such certifications have been provided, easily open the certification seal and other salient information through our document review screen.
  • Download the certification report associated with a document if desired. It will always be associated with the exact version of the document.

How secure is my vault?

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